MBO 4060 UV Led

The MBO 4060 is the best value for money UV printer on the market.

The UV-curable ink technology combined with a UV-LED lamp produces prints with vibrant colours and textures of great strength and resistance on all types of substrates, whether light or dark.

  • Delivery time: between 2 and 8 weeks




MBO 4060 UV printer

The MBO 4060 has a large print area of 30 cm wide x 50 cm long and 20 cm high. The built-in automatic height sensor will detect the products and position the table so that they are at an optimal distance (1-3 mm) from the printhead for the highest quality prints possible.

Our repositionable moulds make it easy to print on products of different shapes and materials. Simply remove one mould and insert a new one to change from one product to another. The built-in UV-LED lamp cures inks instantly and creates durable and solid prints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and many more materials.

Physical characteristics
  • Toothed rack and pinion feed, for greater precision in printing.
  • Touch screen table and printhead control- Milled aluminium guides to increase accuracy and reduce noise.
  • Robust and durable design
  • Bulk ink supply system positioned at the rear of the machine, with 500cc tanks.
  • Software puts all functions at your fingertips, including: manual table height adjustment, automatic adjustment, back and forth table movement and printhead cleaning.
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • The table is open at the back and front, allowing large products to be loaded. Easy access during printing for loading and unloading.


The MBO 4060 printhead consists of 6 channels: 4 channels for CMYK inks plus 2 channels for white ink.

Bulk ink system

  • All inks are feeded from 500 ml inktanks. The bulk ink supply system reduces the need for refilling and maintenance and provides an uninterrupted ink flow. Simply add ink to the reservoir and you’re ready to continue printing, with no need to remove or clean cartridges. Our inks are certified as not toxic and the prints have been teste and proven safe for babies and very durable.

One set of inks can print up to 65 square metres!

White ink tank with agitator

  • Thanks to the white ink you can print directly on almost any material. You can make solid white prints or use it as an opaque base for colour prints. With the agitator you can keep your white ink in perfect shape.

Ink level sensor

  • The ink tanks are equipped with an ink level sensor that tells you when the ink needs to be refilled.


MBO offers advanced RIP software and Print software, depending on your business needs. Some of the features offered by the RIP software include:

  • Pre-defined configurations for various substrates.
  • Control over printer functions and channel settings
  • Adjustment of ink density, saturation and colour controls
  • White ink options: full background coverage/straight white/colour + white + colour
  • Allows to add your own ICC colour profiles to the RIP
  • Allows to create templates for product positioning
  • Repeat function allows to copy artwork for multiple product prints
  • Dot size control for improved prints on curved or uneven surfaces
  • Resolution settings:
    • 720×1440 – photo, fine detail
    • 720×2160 – photo, very fine detail, high quality, smooth substrates.


MBO 4060 UV Led